50k+ Email Verifications for $5 in 24hrs

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Please note that you are welcome to increase the gig quantity beyond 1mil+ email verifications, but please send me a LIVE Chat before ordering, so that I can prepare myself. 
It may take me an extra day or two, in some cases, if the size of your order quantity is very large. 

ALSO: Tiny orders are delivered as raw a .csv file, and instructions are provided for importing into a spreadsheet (takes seconds), but I do not perform special requests for formatting on any orders less than $25. (thanks!) 

The purpose of this gig is to clean your BUSINESS email list, generally for the purpose of Cold Email Marketing. 

Many publicly acquired emails may resolve to dead addresses, or domains, or might be structured in improper syntax, to avoid spam, or may even be deceptively placed spam-traps, which are designed to entrap innocent email marketers. 

That’s why it is absolutely essential to clean your lists, prior to sending your blasts, or drip-fed email campaigns. 

I can take your list of emails, and cut-out everything that is either dead, or represents a significant risk. 

Most lists lose at-least 25% of the total list, off-the-top, being completely invalid, and then the remainder tends to be a 50/50 split between catch-all emails, and completely valid email addresses. 

Here is a brief list of the issues this gig addresses: 

  • Email Verification
  • Email Validation
  • Email List Scrubbing and Duplicate Removals
  • Remove Invalid Email Domains
  • Email Syntax Error Removal
  • Email Spam Trap Removal and Risk Filtering
  • Email Bounce-Rate Reduction

This gig provides the Best Price Online for everything related to Email List Cleaning Services.

My processes has been tested against the premium service “Debounce”, and the results are roughly 98% similar, but my prices are much lower. 

This is for B2B Business Emails, it is NOT for B2C Regular People Emails. 
Looking forward to your order! 🙂


It is ideal if I can just get a .txt file with your emails in a single list, but it is also possible to receive a .csv file, wherein you might require the emails to simply be tagged with their verification status.
This means that you CAN send me a spreadsheet with a bunch of columns, BUT, it is important that you place the “Email” column in the “Column A” position. (1st slot)

Please do not send me 50 small files, which add-up to the quantity you’ve selected. (I can’t do that)
You can’t game the system. One or two files is the proper use-case.
I do not do a bunch of weird formatting requests.
Emails get verified, and then you get the file back to do whatever you like with the output.

Please attach your Email Files, below…
Thanks! :p

(max file size 5 GB)

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