$57 USA Scrape for 24hr Verified B2B Email Leads

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  • Unmetered Leads for Each Targeted Keyword. 
  • B2B ONLY! No B2C!!!
  • I predominantly perform USA scrapes, but I can sometimes honor requests for other countries, depending on your request. 
  • I scrape every listing, that is available, for your B2B terms on Yellow Pages, or Yahoo (tier-1), or a Custom Directory. (ask before ordering)
  • Results can vary wildly, based on the size of the Niche, but the average is about 10k+ valid emails, after scrubbing for duplicates. 
  • Every YP Scrape will target the USA, as a whole, and the file will include columns indicating cities, states, and zip codes. 
  • You can filter the YP files for specific locations. 
  • YP Files come with columns for Business Name, Rating, Street, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Website, Email, and Category or Tag of the Yellow Pages Listing. 
  • Yahoo Scrapes only come with URL + Email, and are more difficult to clean. 
  • Custom Directory Scrapes are only possible on a case-by-case basis, and must be tested and approved prior to the order, so be sure to contact me, first. 
  • All files come in Excel Format, preformatted, and can also be requested in .csv, but if so, they won’t retain my default Excel formatting. 
  • Every order includes Email Verification and Excel Formatting, which are essential for Cold Email Marketing Campaigns. 
  • This data is also good for Facebook Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences. 


What Keyword, Niche, or Industry do you want me to Target? (USA ONLY)
An example of a niche would be things like plumber, real estate agent, lawyer, accountant, etc.
Major Niches ONLY, please.

It is VERY important that you only supply ONE single keyword and location for each quantity you order.
Exceptions can be made, depending on circumstances.
Multiple Niches are NOT recommended, unless you are targeting a very small area, and in that case it is a requirement.
Start a LIVE Chat with me, if you are unsure.

What is your use-case?
Is it Facebook Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences, Cold Email, Cold Calling, etc?
It helps me to know this, so I can keep the order as simple as possible for your purposes.
Thank-You for your Business! :)

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